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Rector of Tashkent State Technical University S.M. Turobjanov congratulated P.M. Matyakubova on her participation and success in the iCAN 2019 contest

Exchange of experience

Head of the department “Mtrology, Standardization and Certification” of Tashkent State Technical University, Doctor of Technical Sciences PM Matyakubova delivered a lecture on “Quantitative metrology” and “Modern science and perspectives of metrology in Uzbekistan” from February 11 to February 15.





A solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the republican competition "Teachers - in the honor of trade unions", organized by the Federation of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan, was held at the Alisher Navoi State Academic Theater of Uzbekistan in Tashkent.





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        During the event, a group of self-sacrificing mentors and mentors, who have been working in the education system for many years, were given vouchers to relax and improve their health.
    I have been coaching for 37 years, - says professor of Tashkent State Technical University Parahat Matyakubova. - For the past years I have participated in scientific conferences and international conferences in Korea, Germany and Canada. Recently at the World Forum in Canada, I was awarded the Specialist of the Year Award and was awarded a gold medal and a diploma. The experts highly appreciated the scientific novelty created by me, namely the design of the grain control device and its software. Currently, the Ministry of Innovation Development is working on implementing this innovation. It was a great pleasure for me to acknowledge the work of the trade unions and to send one of the best sanatoriums in the country.

The inventive woman from Uzbekistan took a high place in the International Exhibition in Canada

The inventive woman from Uzbekistan took a high place in the International Exhibition in Canada

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IV International inventors Innovation Contest in Toronto, Canada-” the 4th International Invention Innovation competition in date, ICAN 2019 Toronto Intenational Society of Innovation and Advanced Skills (TISIAS) ICAN 2019 " was held.



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According to the Ministry of public and Mass Media Relations of the women's Office of Uzbekistan, this international exhibition is being held with the aim of studying and promoting the achievements and new technologies in the field of World Science and technologies. More than 500 inventors from more than 50 countries participated in the ICAN-2019 exhibition with their inventions and innovative developments in various areas of scientific technology and technology, food, medicine, chemistry and industry.


It is noteworthy that for the first time parahat Matyakubova, a scientist from Uzbekistan, was sent by the women's Department of Uzbekistan to participate in this international exhibition. He demonstrated his achievements in the field of scientific research on the topic” dielectric moisture meter software in the process of grain storage and processing".


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This invention of the scientist from Uzbekistan, doctor of technical sciences, professor Parahat Matyakubova was highly appreciated by international experts. The Uzbek scientist was awarded with the Special Prize” inventive specialist “and the gold medal” ICAN 2019 “ — ” The Finals “in the contest” Toronto Intenational Society of Innovation and Advanced Skills (TISIAS)".


KIWIE-2019 The inventors of Uzbekistan have won top places at the international exhibition in South Korea.

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            The 20th International Korean Inventors' Women's Show - KIWIE 2019 was held by South Korea's Korean Association of Inventors on Women (KWIA), Korean Intellectual Property Agency (KIPO) and International Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).



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             The international exhibition is held to explore and promote the achievements of the inventive women in science and technology, their experience and new technologies. At KIWIE 2019, over 400 inventors from more than 30 countries have taken part in their inventions and innovations in various fields of technology, technology, medicine, pharmaceuticals, cosmetology, food, light industry, chemicals and industry.
              12 gifted women from Uzbekistan's Women's Committee participated in the international exhibition and forum in South Korea on June 20-23 this year and received certificates and certificates at the courses organized by the Inventive Academy of Women on June 24-25.


             The XII Korean International Fair of Inventors - The members of the Uzbek delegation, participating in KIWIE 2019, presented their inventions and products. The inventions and innovative products of Uzbekistan's scholars and entrepreneurs have been studied and appreciated by international experts.
              The Organizing Committee of the International Exhibition has handed over 2 members of the Uzbek delegation special prizes from the exhibition KIWIE-2019 in the field of technology, technology and cosmetology (Gran-pri). In addition, the inventors of our country have won five gold, two silver and six bronze medals.




              In the structure of this delegation, the head of the Department of Metrology, Standardization and Certification of the Tashkent State Technical University, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Matyakubova Parakhat Maylievna, also won the Gold Medal for the invention of "Liquid Materials Humidity Control Device".


            It should be noted that Professor Parokat Maylievna Matyakubova also participated in the KIWIE 2018 exhibition in 2018 and won a silver medal.


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