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International seminar on international cooperation in the field of standardization


Proceeding from the many years of experience of developed countries of the USA, England, Germany and Japan, we can say that standards play an important role in solving the existing problems of the development of the country's economy.


The full-fledged formation of standards contributes to the development of quality and safe products, the level of ensuring the safety of the objects of the national economy, the economic efficiency of production processes, the assessment of risks and their prevention. In this regard, it can be said that at present, standards are an important link between the development of the economy.


In the last years, attention was paid to the development of the standardization system in our country. In turn, based on the development strategy of the chosen development of our country and based on the experience of other countries, a new legal framework for Standardization has been formed.


Today at the Hyatt Regency Tashkent hotel began its work on the initiative of the agency “Uzstandard” and Trey's seminar on the theme “practice of technical regulation and standardization” in cooperation with the United States Department of Cavdo, the CLDP program, ASTM International.

The seminar of the Trey is conducted by Jim Olshefsky, Lewis Frederick, experts of the ASTM International Organization.


At the seminar, lectures on such topics as the work carried out in the United States for many years in the field of standardization and technical regulation, technical activities, assistance to scientific and technical cooperation, harmonization of national standards with international standards for the elimination of technical barriers to trade, cooperation activities between Uzbekistan and the United States on the harmonization of standards and.





New curriculum in space systems and Communications Engineering

New curriculum in space systems and Communications Engineering.

SPACE.COM - The European Union (EU) is a 3-year state-owned joint project launched in 2019 with the aim of increasing the potential in the field of Higher Education, jointly funded by Erasmus+.


On the next day of the seminar, he was familiarized with the material and technical base Laboratory of the University of Sorbonne by Jean – Paul Chaput on the topic "CORIOLIS-A FOSS RTL to GDSII Toolchain Spacecom Workshop" and on the topic "Advanced curricula in microelectronics: CAD tools for design of systems on chip" by Dimitri Galayko.



And on Wednesday, on the topic" Master department in Engineering Sciences " prof. By Régis WUNENBERGER and on the topic" Robot Operating System " S. Argentieri and F. Information was given about the robots used by the vérités in industry and mechanical engineering, their design and maintenance problems, and the University's teaching potential and material and technical bases in the field of robotics.



The study of nanotechnologies is the process of acquaintance with the laboratory room.


Discussions between the participants of the Seminar and an ecstasy to the Observatory


In the building of the Ministry of innovative development was held an exhibition of innovative developments created by scientists of Tashkent State Technical University.

Tashkent State Technical University on the basis of the results of scientific research created the exhibition of developments.

Scientific researchers, Masters and professors of our university also took part in this exhibition. Scientific seminars were also organized for them.





Rector of Tashkent State Technical University S.M. Turabdjanov also took part in this project.





ERASMUS+ “new study program in space systems and communications engineering - SPACECOM”

ERASMUS+ “new study program in space systems and communications engineering - SPACECOM”

According to the work done by the Department of "Metrology, Technical Regulation, Standardization and Certification" for the first half of 2021 within the framework of the ERASMUS+ project "new training programs in space systems and communications engineering - SPACECOM"



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