Cooperation with foreign countries

Academician of the Belarusian Technological University Siganov A. R. and professor of Tashkent State Technical University Matyakubova P. M. met.

On March 8, 2021, the Tashkent State Technical University was visited by professors and teachers of the Belarusian Technological University. Here they were met by professors and teachers and students of the Department"Metrology, standardization and certification". They also took part in the event organized on the occasion of "International Women's Day" March 8. At the end of the event, professor of the Department" Metrology, standardization and certification " Matyakubova P.M. Academician of the Belarusian University of technology Siganov A.R. agreed on future cooperation with. This agreement mainly dealt with the issues of establishing the work of improving the knowledge and skills of students and teachers.



The 6th Kaohsi International Invention and Design Exhibition, KIDE 2019, organized by the World Intellectual Property Association (WIIPA), jointly organized by the Taiwan Invention Product Promotion Association (TIPPA). The fair will be held December 6-8 at the Kaohsiung International Conference Center (ICCK) in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

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